Your choice of a publisher can make all the difference in how closely your final production copy mirrors your original idea. Why compromise? New Alpha Press welcomes the submission of textbook, eBook, lab manual, course guide or reader proposals for the fields in which we publish.

If you are preparing a manuscript and would like to solicit our interest or a detailed publishing bid, we request the following information to fully understand the scope of your project. For general questions, we also recommend that you send a query email to or call us today.

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Summarize the main points and organization, or provide a table of contents for the work. Explain the scholarly contribution or unique niche that inspired you to develop the material. More..

What is the current page length of the project? If you anticipate a specific timeline for delivery of the manuscript please note the approximate date. More..

Describe the intended user for the work and the primary course in which it will be adopted at your campus. What is the enrollment per semester, and per year? More..

When compared with the high profit/low service model imposed by most corporate publishers – from design to production, our processes are actually reversed. More..

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We have established a company initiative to increase recycled paper in the products that we print, and to minimize our overall environmental impact. Five percent of our pretax profits also go to preserve apex predator habitats and conservation initiatives each year.

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